Vakuutukset Espanjassa — Försäkringar i Spanien


In the event of death, Funeral Insurance helps your family with the arrangements

 Purchasing Funeral Insurance to cover your funeral expenses is an easy way to ease the burden of making funeral arrangements from your family. 

Family and relatives often live in another country making the arrangements even more difficult from the foreign country. 

With our Funeral Insurance, your final arrangements will be taken care of with just one phone call.

The Funeral Insurance capital covers funeral arrangements (removal, coffin, cremation and urn), legal registrations and documents for authorities, burial and possible repatriation, etc. If the funeral costs are lower than the paid capital the difference will be returned. 


If the insured dies and is to be buried in a country other than Spain and the insurance capital can be paid in cash or repatriation to Spain is also possible. We have also Funeral Insurance covering repatriation from Spain to an any country specified in the insurance policy.

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